My Arms. The multy used baby pillow is an absolute must-have item for babies that could need support whilst sleeping, resting, breastfeeding, tummy and travel. The elongated structure may be adapted according to your choise.  The pillow is flexible yet sturdy enough to provide an optimal support with an interior supporting structure that allows you to adapt it.



✔ Multifunctional – baby nest, sleeping, resting and breast-feeding.

✔ Health benefits– It helps your baby to feel safe and relax. Body is supported so that the muscles can relax, it promotes calmer Sleep with fewer changes of position,  

✔ hypoallergenic cotton cover.

✔ The pillow case– Breathable and washable 100 % Cotton pillow protector pair (Anti-Allergy and Anti-Bacterial)  . The pillow case is suitable for hand washing and machine washing to keep it clean. The venting holes in the pillow core draw away moisture and increase airflow to keep your baby cool and comfortable. PLEASE NOTE: Memory foam core is not washable.

✔ Lightness & softness – supple, skin-friendly , ideal for your delicate baby skin.

✔Ideal newborn gift.


My Arms is made from memory foam and features an internal wire structure which is polypropylene based with a pillow cover made from 100% cotton.


Our covers are  completely natural, free   from synthetic material  and are hypoallergenic. The  cotton fibers allow  the pillow  to breathe  easier than synthetic materials. Please, follow the care instructions  on the tag when washing. This  organic option  is suitable  for  those who are  sensitive  to chemicals found in synthetic pillows.


This is both highly energy absorbent and soft (50kg/m3). The memory foam moulds to the resting position of your little one in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body  weight. It then  returns  to the  original shape  once  the pressure has been  removed. In  addition to protecting  against impact, these properties make memory foam very comfortable. Our Memory foam offers excellent protection against dust mites as these can’t survive inside the shredded polyurethane foam pillow.


This interior frame can be shaped with application of force. It remains sturdy upon usage but may be shaped to adapt to movement. This provides a structural support and sturdiness to the pillow. The frame is lean and hidden in the memory foam so its presence is not felt whilst being used.